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Auto Accident Chiropractic Care at Lane Avenue Wellness Center

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Understanding Delayed Pain After Auto Accidents

In the aftermath of an auto accident, pain and injuries may not immediately manifest, leading individuals to overlook underlying issues that can emerge hours, days, or even weeks after the incident. Despite appearing unscathed initially, many accident victims later experience debilitating pain, neck strain, or headaches, highlighting the delayed nature of post-accident injuries.

At Lane Avenue Wellness Center, we’re here to help you get your health back naturally after a car accident.

The Body’s Response to Trauma

Following a traumatic event like a car accident, the body responds by releasing natural pain-killing hormones such as adrenaline, often masking immediate discomfort. Some individuals may even enter a state of shock, temporarily immune to pain and injury symptoms. It’s only when these protective responses subside that the true extent of injuries becomes apparent, underscoring the importance of post-accident medical assessment.

Recognizing Post-Traumatic Pain Symptoms

Hours after a car collision, individuals may encounter a range of painful symptoms, including back, neck, or head pain ranging from mild to severe, difficulty breathing deeply, painful urination, or persistent numbness or tingling. Prompt medical attention is crucial when experiencing such symptoms to address potential underlying injuries effectively.

Effective Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Pain

Auto accidents often impact the spinal column, resulting in imbalances that trigger back and neck pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. Our non-surgical treatments offer a gentle yet potent solution to realign the spine, discs, nerves, and vertebrae, providing rapid and lasting relief from auto accident-related pain and injuries.

Seeking Timely Assistance

Whether you’re currently experiencing pain or have recently been in an auto accident, scheduling a free consultation with our Upper Arlington chiropractor is important. The latent nature of post-accident trauma necessitates early intervention to prevent the escalation of symptoms.

Book Your Visit Now

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, don’t delay seeking help. Schedule a consultation with our experienced Upper Arlington team at Lane Avenue Wellness Center to receive personalized care and effective treatment for auto accident-related pain.

We can’t wait to help you regain your health.



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