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Neuropathy Care Upper Arlington

Pain, burning, tingling, a loss of feelings in the feet, legs, and fingers. These all are symptoms of neuropathy, or nerve damage, a condition that afflicts tens of millions of Americans. Nerve damage may stem from many different issues, such as poor blood flow to the nerves, toxic levels of sugar in the blood (diabetes), chronic infections, pesticide exposure, and genetic variants, to name a few. While the cause is different for every patient, discovering the root of the problem is necessary before the nerves can heal.

While conventional medicine has no cure, chiropractic care and complementary modalities offer a holistic approach to managing the symptoms and addressing the condition’s underlying causes.

At Lane Avenue Wellness Center, we offer chronic pain management and relief from other medical problems to help patients achieve their wellness goals. We see them as people rather than a collection of symptoms, and we create a customized plan based on a thorough diagnostic assessment using chiropractic care and a variety of other physical medicine disciplines tailored to their lifestyle.

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Impacting Quality of Life

Neuropathy causes discomfort and may also affect a person’s balance, posing a risk of falls. The pain associated with this condition often leads to sleepless nights, further impacting one’s quality of life. Perhaps the most alarming aspect is that nerve damage tends to progress, worsening over time.

Our goal is to manage symptoms effectively by targeting the cause of the pain. We discover the underlying factors contributing to the condition, and our comprehensive approach to care offers a promising alternative to conventional medical care.

Following an Integrated Approach for Comprehensive Care

Chiropractors specializing in neuropathy undergo advanced training, including acquiring multiple national certifications in spinal decompression and neuropathy to equip our doctors with the knowledge and skills to offer targeted and customized care plans for our neuropathy patients.

Our four-step neuropathy protocol is as follows:

Vital Component #1 - Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy—Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is used to increase blood flow and repair the nerve. Stimulating the production of a signal protein optimizes the creation of new blood vessels necessary to repair nerve damage. These blood vessels grow around the peripheral nerves, providing the proper nutrients to heal and repair. This technology has 21 peer-reviewed studies evidencing a 97% success rate for peripheral neuropathy.

Vital Component #2Electrostimulation—Using state-of-the-art digital electro-therapeutic stimulation assists with nerve re-education—the growth of the nerves. Cancer Centers of America helps those going through chemotherapy rebuild their nerves using this method. Nerve re-education can be done at home, allowing for daily therapy sessions. Patients may see immediate results in pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

Vital Component #3Advanced Nutrition Therapy—Proper nutrition supports the other vital components of care and is necessary for optimal tissue and nerve repair. Our advanced nutritional therapies are designed to accelerate healing by impacting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.

Vital Component #4In-Clinic Visits & Online Education—In synergy with home infrared electromagnetic & electrostimulation therapy, patients visit the office once per week for our in-clinic protocol. Each vital component is equally essential for best patient outcomes.

Best Neuro 2024

Our proprietary and comprehensive treatment program uses up to eight different state-of-the-art technologies, unlike any treatment program you may have already experienced!

The treatment we provide has four main goals:

  • Optimize the environment within the body for nerve healing
  • Increase blood flow to the nerves
  • Stimulate the damaged nerves (small fiber, large diameter, or motor nerves) to reduce pain and improve balance
  • Decrease brain-based pain
Our exclusive system increases blood flow to the nerves in the extremities, which helps rejuvenate nerves naturally and has returned many of our patients’ feet and hands to normal. No surgery and no addictive medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get better?

While immediate symptom relief can’t be guaranteed, the primary goals of chiropractic care for neuropathy are to slow down the progression of the condition, potentially halt its advancement, and ideally improve the patient’s symptoms.

What about medication?

While medication can relieve symptoms, it doesn’t get to the root. Rather than prescribing medication, we use physical medicine combined with advanced medical therapies to deliver the best results while helping patients live their healthiest lives.

Take That First Step Toward Relief

Our program offers relief from the pain of neuropathy. Contact Lane Avenue Wellness Center to learn more about the process and schedule an appointment.


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