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Sports Chiropractic Upper Arlington

person lifting weightsInjury prevention is one of the primary reasons athletes seek care at Lane Avenue Wellness Center. Being able to compete, prevent injury, and function better is number one. We focus on keeping your nervous system healthy, which allows your body to perform better and function at a higher level.

Sports chiropractic cares for people with sport and physical activity-related injuries, and works to improve health and manage injury through the use of various techniques and modalities. Natural and holistic care at our practice relieves your pain, helps you heal, and gets you back to doing what you love.

How We Help

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full-time athlete, injuries can occur. Utilizing our services before physical activity helps reduce the severity of an injury, and might even prevent it from happening! Many professional sports teams have made this method of care part of their health regimen. Sports chiropractic is a natural extension of the training our doctors receive in how structure relates to function.

A Range of Methods

Our doctors use a range of examining methods, from a simple palpation, to a full neurological, orthopedic, and neuropathy consult, range of motion, full posture evaluation, and thermography scans. With techniques like shockwave therapy, we improve function and mobility by freeing restricted joints, which allows injured athletes to return to action faster. We work on posture and muscle imbalances, and treat overused areas, to help optimize and enhance your performance.

Advanced Technology

For extremities, we use a special high-end infrared camera to take a picture of your body to assess your injury. It shows hot spots indicating both new and old injuries that might be affecting your function, allowing him to key in on the exact issue.

We had a world-class hurdler come in for care with chronic left ankle injuries. After the scan, Dr. Jay detected an old injury on his right ankle, which caused him to compensate with overuse on the left. He also had terrible balance, which forced him to push off and land improperly.

We developed a care plan that addressed both ankle injuries, strengthened his back and nervous system, and also taught him balance.

We’re Here to Help

Learn more about how sports chiropractic helps get you back in action fast! Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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