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Workplace Injuries and Chiropractic Care at Lane Avenue Wellness Center

Workplace injuries impact millions of individuals annually, leading to significant costs for employers in workmen’s compensation claims and diminished productivity. Irrespective of your occupation, the demands placed on your body, particularly the back, shoulders, and neck, can result in debilitating pain and discomfort.

Even seemingly routine office tasks can contribute to work-related issues, emphasizing the pervasive nature of workplace pain.

Impact on Productivity

Each year, approximately 186 million work days are lost due to back pain alone, profoundly affecting productivity and labor costs. Beyond back pain, common workplace injury risks include overexertion, falls, and repetitive motion injuries, underscoring the diverse challenges faced by workers across various industries.

Financial Burden of Workplace Injuries

In a study by the Liberty Mutual insurance company, it was revealed that the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses incur an annual cost of $51.1 billion in workmen’s compensation expenses. This staggering figure highlights the financial repercussions of workplace injuries, translating to nearly $1 billion lost per week.

Factors Contributing to Workplace Pain

Factors such as forceful exertions, repetitive movements, poor posture, and workplace stress significantly contribute to the prevalence of workplace injuries. Lifting heavy objects, engaging in repetitive tasks, maintaining improper posture, and succumbing to workplace stress can lead to muscle fatigue, tension, and ultimately, debilitating pain.

Addressing Workplace Pain with Spinal Decompression Treatment

At Lane Avenue Wellness Center, we offer gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment as an effective solution for workplace-related injuries. By delicately decompressing affected areas to restore normal function, our experienced spinal disc doctors can alleviate pain, facilitate recovery, and aid in restoring your quality of life promptly.

Take Action Against Workplace Pain

If you or someone you know is suffering from workplace-related pain, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and explore how gentle spinal decompression treatment can help address your pain effectively.
We can’t wait to help you heal naturally!



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